Women's Refuge Recovery OnlinePhotograph by Avi Asher

Women’s Refuge Recovery Online (WRRO) offers a variety of support services for all women looking for a Buddhist-inspired approach within a Refuge Recovery community, addressing addictions of all kinds. We are a diverse population of women discovering how to engage in various aspects of life and living while not entangling ourselves. This is exciting and challenging for we come from all walks of life and yet have common experiences of conditioning that go beyond the usual divisions of class, caste, religion, politics, geographical location, age, number of tattoos… etc. The heart of our community rests within our Facebook page and our phone meetings.

As our services continue to expand and shrink, we update our Facebook page regularly. This is the go-to place for daily support and provides the details for our phone meetings. We do not post   our call-in numbers on public pages as we aim to provide a safe place for women that is free of stalking, lurking, geographical information, or any other technology that could place our members in a vulnerable and/or dangerous position. Women thrive who have a safe place to tell their truths, to speak aloud with their language and to hear others do the same. We do not record our meetings, as a measure of confidentiality and trust.

We recognize that women who identify as addicts may have spent their lives in isolation, and are under-recognized as a population. For instance, there are many women in our community who suffer from process addictions, which may encompass over-eating, shopping, love and sex addiction, and codependency. Our community exists as a life-raft for women with addictions of all kinds, wherever they may be on their path. This is a very important distinction; you are welcome to be a member “wherever you may be on your path.”

WWRO currently offers three women-only phone meetings a week that are led by sister women in recovery who generously volunteer their time. We encourage members to serve by volunteering to host a meeting once a week, for approximately six months. This is your recovery, this is our recovery, and generosity from all to help support these services is much appreciated. These meetings are easily accessible by calling a free conference call phone number and the code is shared with members of the group via the WRRO page.

Currently, we have two WRRO Facebook sub-groups: Book Club and Creatives. The Book Club picks a book based on recommendations from the group, followed by a poll for final selection. This sub-group is so much more than reading a book. We make posts weekly, such as “Favorite Friday- Discuss your favorite authors, podcasts, movies, musicians, teachers, books, and other resources.” There are several of these engaging posts a week in which to participate, thus fostering our community and creating a lively exchange. The Creatives page encourages writing called “The Morning Pages.” Creatives is a thoughtful space for sharing the creative endeavors we use to sustain being awake, present, and open to possibilities.

A third Facebook sub-group is used for those who volunteer as a facilitator, a mentor, or an administrator (or all three). We offer support to those in service in various ways-subbing in for a facilitator, swapping facilitating a meeting, assisting with setting up an Inventory Group, responding to questions about mentoring, sharing information received from the parent RR organization, and questions regarding members or women seeking membership.

Other services offered are: a WRRO group on Insight Timer, Facebook secret groups for working on RR inventories together, and a weekly study group phone meeting. The latter meeting is used to explore Buddhist and other perspectives as a path to liberate ourselves from addictions of all kinds.  We look deeper into our habits of the mind, behaviors of the body, and use of our energies- within and without.

We offer some unique approaches to Refuge Recovery and we continue to evolve as a growing community. We hope to meet you on the path.