Call for Board of Directors Applications

Anyone interested in serving on the Board of Directors should please submit their resume/CV and a cover letter responding to the following three questions: 1. What skills would you bring to the Refuge Board? 2. What do you think are the three biggest challenges facing Refuge in the next three years? 3. What three strategies do you recommend for creating a sustainable financial base for Refuge operations at the headquarters level? If you are interested, please send these docs to Jean Tuller at no later than August 1, 2017.

Announcing the official Refuge Recovery Meeting Starter Kit. The Kit includes:

  • 5 Refuge Recovery books
  • New meeting task checklist
  • Singing bowl with striker and cushion
  • Laminated copies of group readings (preamble, guiding principles, facilitator script, Four Truths)
  • Dana collection donation box
  • 10 copies of Dedication of Merit
  • 10 copies of the Eightfold Path
  • Refuge Recovery Group Binder: Divided into organized sections of helpful sangha materials such as the weekly meeting info record, sangha contact form, tracking dana collection & managing group funds, the Refuge meditations (all in sheet protector sleeves to minimize the noise of turning pages during group meditation) and finally…
  • A section of master copies of ALL the available Refuge Recovery info/literature your sangha can use for printing copies to supply a literature table.

The Kit is a more cost-efficient way to begin a new meeting, as it comes with all the necessary items for facilitating a Refuge meeting but at a discounted price because of the bulk/wholesale purchasing price.  The cost is $130.00, including postage. If you are interested in purchasing one, please email

I-tunes Podcast is live. **CLICK HERE**

Hello Refuge Recovery friends. These first series of guided meditations were recorded by Dave Smith and are offered here for you. There will be guided meditations, Dharma talks pertaining to refuge recovery, interviews and stories. Stay tuned….more to come!

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